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My name is Stéphane Caron, and I am the  founder and president of XST Xpert Solutions Technologiques. I began my career in technology in 1983 working for numerous private sector companies offering enterprise services. In 1996, I got onboard with SHL Systemhouse Inc. which was acquired by EDS (Electronic Data Systems Corp.) Canada in 2000. For both SHL (Systems House Inc) and EDS I was the project lead, database administrator and company technology lead for the province of Québec and the Maritimes. In 2003, following the closing of the EDS Canada’s Quebec City offices, I stayed on with the Canadian Coast Guard INNAV project by launching my own company and acquiring the project from EDS. Since November 2003, I’ve been working to integrate my own business values and ethics within the daily operations of XST and have developed it into one of the best-run companies in Canada.

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XST is the Canadian company responsible for the development and management of INNAV VTMIS (Vessel Traffic Management Information System) which is the Canadian Coast Guard system of choice for managing maritime safety and vessel traffic in our National waters. INNAV is used in all ports throughout Canada, as both a networked and a stand-alone system. The system is composed of several real-time databases and is internationally recognized for its optimization and innovation.

INNAV’s vessel data is made available through a website that can be accessed from any device including desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile platforms.

XST’s innovative maritime solutions are guaranteed to increase both the safety and effectiveness of the operational management of vessel traffic in your waters.

XST’s INNAV user interface is configurable to meet any operational requirements. From stand-alone systems to complex networked solutions, XST’s information management solutions are guaranteed to surpass your expectations.

XST’s ingenious marine safety solutions are compatible with many existing maritime systems, and our low cost of entry ensures we can create a solution that integrates with your existing infrastructure.

Safety of navigation is essential in the maritime environment. XST Inc. takes great pride in providing a world-class solution that decreases the risk of accidents, preserves the delicate environment of our harbours and waterways, and promotes efficiency and operational clarity in our working environments.


Maritime Safety 100 %

Consulting 85 %

Development 90 %

Support 99 %

Solutions 95 %

Meet our Team

We are a multidisciplinary team of developers and IT specialists. We love to design and develop solutions, mostly for maritime use. We make things happen, and we do that by solving problems through innovation, creativity, organization, and well-planned structure. Our solutions are smart and efficient.

Sebastien Desrosiers

Sebastien Desrosiers

Developer - Lab INNAV
Thierry Brochu

Thierry Brochu

Project Manager
Patrice Thibeault

Patrice Thibeault

Software Engineer
Thomas Ableson

Thomas Ableson

Developer - Lab INNAV
Real Guay

Real Guay

Serge Gagnon

Serge Gagnon

Jean Pierre Bérubé

Jean Pierre Bérubé

Operational Specialist
Pierre Poirrier

Pierre Poirrier

Senior Officer VTMIS Specialist

Do you want to be part of our team?


We thank you for the interest in applying to work with Xpert Solutions Technologiques inc. For the moment,we’ve filled all the positions. Keep following us on our social media (Twitter @XST_Xpert) and sign up to our newsletter. We’ll keep you posted this way.

XST offers competitive working conditions and exciting projects:

•  Flexible schedule
•  Possibility of telecommuting
•  Dynamic work environment
•  Engaging workplace
•  Continuing education
•  Competitive wages

POSITIONS: If you share our values, love Quebec and are a:

•  Systems Architect
•  Analyst
•  Programmer
•  Management System Integration
•  IT projects management

Our Experts are working  in technologies with:

  • Linux and MS Windows 2003 +
  • Java, J2EE, C++, COBOL and Microsoft.NET
  • My SQL Server, Oracle and DB2
  • Map Server

… XST would like to meet you!