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Designed primarily around the users.

Designed primarily around the users.

This system is designed primarily around the users. For each local installation, the user interface and its functionalities are optimized to meet the requirements.

There are hundreds of shortcuts and quick action functions available in INNAV. Here are two sample-screen captures.

In these two sample screen captures, we are viewing how it is easy for a user to create a note of interest on the electronic chart: right click on the location, name your note accordingly, reposition the tag and it is done. To delete it, right click and “remove”.

The next capture shows the flexibility again to select different tag formats: static or dynamic. These tags are crucial in providing the user with its traffic configuration. Preset tags are available for each workstation while still allowing the user to optionally change them to optimize screen use.

An information system can only be efficient if it allows the user to interact with its User Interface: chart layers, vessel tags, notes, etc…

In INNAV, a considerable amount of time has been taken into extracting those requirements and building a convivial user interface. If you are not succeeding in that task, the data capture action will be too time consuming and garbage will be generated.

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