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Introducing INNAV

  • Introducing INNAV
  • Introducing INNAV
  • Introducing INNAV
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Introducing INNAV

Welcome to our home. INNAV is Canada’s national Vessel Traffic Management and Information System (VTMIS) of choice!

INNAV by Xpert Solutions Technologiques inc., is the most advanced VTMIS in the World, and it is the only VTMIS used and trusted by the Canadian Coast Guard to manage all vessel traffic across Canada!  INNAV is XST’s flagship product and it represents a new generation of highly advanced software applications.  Easy to understand, user-friendly and providing a wide-range of near real-time operational information, INNAV’s highly flexible architecture keeps pace with emerging technology.  INNAV is the only system that connects national shore-based VTMIS operators to thousands of Online (Web) users worldwide.  As the premiere VTMIS in Canada used to track and manage all maritime local, coastal and offshore traffic, INNAV maximizes the safe usage of navigable waterways while minimizing the risks to transiting vessels and the environment.  INNAV is safety through innovation!  As a national-level maritime operations systems, XST’s INNAV VTMIS also provides its near real-time services to other Canadian government agencies and marine stakeholders such as the Canadian Navy, Maritime Search & Rescue, Maritime Surveillance and Operations Centres, Federal Law enforcement Agencies, Marine Safety Headquarters, and numerous Port authorities, Pilotage authorities and Maritime companies.  And through its Web Portal application INNAV data is provided to thousands of VTMIS users worldwide.

What you need to know about XST’s INNAV VTMIS

INNAV has been in constant operations in Canada since April 2002 and it has never suffered a catastrophic failure!  Designed for real-time operational information management, INNAV’s advanced distributed network design ensures the system and its data are always available. Users of INNAV’s unique maritime picture include:

  • 35 operations centres throughout Canada consisting of Canadian Coast Guard Marine Communication and Traffic Services, Search & Rescue, Department of National Defence, Marine Security Operations Centres, Pilotage Authority, Port Authorities, Fisheries & Ocean, Transport Canada and other federal, provincial and municipal partners.  These operations centres monitor over 125,000 thousand miles of coastline and 3.8 millions square miles of surface area;
  • over 4000 web users worldwide representing the marine Industry, various national and international government agencies, local and municipal law enforcement agencies, NORAD and the USCG; INNAV’s comprehensive database has been compiling track information for over a decade, and it now houses details on over 25,000 vessels that have sailed in Canadian waters and over 95,000 vessel characteristics such as length, breadth, draught, historic tracks and transits, flag, and MMSI.  Additional sources of data such as Lloyd’s Register of Ships provide additional data on more than 100,000 vessels, all of which can be accessed by INNAV.

Some unique and advanced features of XST’s INNAV VTMIS 

  • Because of the system’s flexibility and low cost of entry, the INNAV VTMIS can be installed and put into operation quickly in most locations.
  • INNAV integrates data and information from various sensors including (but not limited to) shore-based, VHF-AIS, VHF-DF, LRIT, CCTV cameras, Satellite-AIS and weather/tide sensors.  INNAV can accept most modern data sources with little modification.
  • The system’s unique fusion process resolves multi-sensor track reports of a positively identified track into one singular vessel track, a process that greatly reduces track clutter and misidentification and enhances situational awareness.
  • The system allows for the efficient synchronization of hundreds of databases on a near real-time basis.
  • During system upgrades and service, and/or during technical malfunctions, the system allows for the reassignment of areas of responsibility and also allows for each operations centre to be autonomous.  Comprehensive Disaster Recovery Plans supported by virtual servers allow for rapid system recovery and minimize down time.
  • Each installation’s user interface and system functionalities are optimized to meet the user’s operational requirements.  INNAV also produces regular and complex ‘ad hoc’ reports customized to meet each client’s requirements.
  • System security is integrated directly into the system and allows for the application of security processes and measures at the user end and at the data management level.  Centralized functions allow for nationwide operations centres to manage and share urgent and critical situational information within all levels of government and management.
  • Specialized functions such as anomaly detection are also part of the system and allow different users to be alerted to specific developing situations.  New functions and processes can be created to user specifications. •INNAV is designed to be evolutive and complementary to existing data sources and system components.  The INNAV VTMIS can start small and grow as new requirements emerge.

About the Author

We are a Canadian company based in Québec City, that offers end-to-end information technology and home of the INNAV, the most advanced VTMIS, Vessel Traffic Management Infomation System, trusted and used by the Canadian Coast in all Canada.